WebCDN helps form the foundation for several other websites by providing a front end for serving static content through a globally distributed content delivery network, while leaving dynamic content generation and serving to the individual sites.

A content delivery network (CDN) works by mirroring static content from the websites it serves on multiple servers placed around the world, so that said content will be more readily available and served faster to local users. This approach has the advantages of both giving those users a better surfing experience and also offloading the originating content server.

Can I have my content hosted here?

No. WebCDN is not a public service provider, it only provides its services to selected websites within the same network (and owned by the same people). It is based on publicly available technology which can be used through other providers, though.

Technology? Other providers? What is this of which you speak?

WebCDN is powered by (but not otherwise affiliated with) CloudFlare. It's awesome.

What is your privacy policy?

While WebCDN itself does not use cookies or log any personally identifiable information about you (except a cookie to remember you have been informed of our cookie policy - yes, it's a silly law forcing us to do this), we do make use of third-party scripts which may or may not make use of cookies or other methods of tracking you. If you don't like that, you should disable cookies in your browser or stop visiting this website altogether.

How can I contact you?

If you have concerns about any of the content being delivered through this service, you should use the contact information found at the site in question. There are only a couple of situations in which contacting WebCDN directly would be appropriate; if you find yourself in such a situation and really feel you must contact us, drop an e-mail to any address at the webcdn.net domain and we may get back to you if we agree.

Are you being unnecessarily mysterious on purpose?

No. Or are we...?